Anna Feer started her business as a designer and artist in 1994.
After a while clients asked her, if she will make the collections for their products, and giving Trend forecast presentations once a year.
Soon she makes also the concepts for them, and enjoyed the various of all this freelance assignments.
Also a painting industry in the Netherlands ask Anna, for a new concept about their painting colours. So she did, and Anna became the founder of painting colours with a name, instead of only a number.

In 2017 she got the chance to move back after 20 years, to the same house in the middle of nature nearby Amsterdam. Where she once started her own business as a designer, back to the place she loved. She decided to go back to the roots, back to paper and brushes. And started all over again with making new hand-painted designs, made with traditional materials.
• For  textile, wallpaper, fabric and other products.
• All designs can be made in repeat for your purposes